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We appreciate you being a part of our community, partnering with us and supporting our work as a vibrant, inclusive and loving Jewish community. Your investment in Congregation Etz Chaim makes a tremendous difference in the lives of the many people we touch. 

To make payments or donations, we offer both an online and paper option:


Manna cards are gift certificates from nearly every business or restaurant you frequent with a portion donated to Congregation Etz Chaim. 

Manna cards are sold in the lobby of Etz Chaim during Sunday School.


The Oneg and Bagel Breakfast Fund supports our congregation's gathering after services and during religious school, supporting our sense of community. Sponsoring an Oneg/Bagel Break is a lovely way to make a contribution to the community during a time of joy, celebration, or remembrance. For any amount between $36-$180, you can co-sponsor or Sponsor in honor of a loved one's birthday, anniversary, accomplishment, or just because.


Your gift to the prayerbook fund helps maintain siddurim (prayer books for weekly Shabbat services) and machzorim (prayer books for annual High Holy Day services).
Prayer books may be dedicated at any time. Bookplates will be installed through the year. Single dedication $50.00 and shared dedication are $25.00 each.


Install a memorial plaque, and we will read your loved one’s name before Kaddish (the memorial prayer) each year on the anniversary of their death. The cast bronze plaque will be added to the wall. The cost is $270. Please contact the office for more details.


The Congregation Etz Chaim (CEC) Foundation encourages, solicits, recognizes, and administers bequests, donations, and gifts to build a perpetual endowment to fund the betterment of CEC.   

The 501(c)3 non-profit foundation provides resources for Jewish continuity and assures that CEC remains a long-term source of strength for those in our community seeking to live by Jewish culture, values, and religion.


Barbara Baruch School Scholarship Fund: Provides scholarship money to pay, in part or in full, religious school tuition fees for families who could not otherwise pay these fees.

Building Maintenance Fund: Used to make improvements/repairs to the synagogue.

CEC Foundation: Used for the future of Congregation Etz Chaim

Facility Fund: Supports improvements to the building.

General Operating Income: Supports the general operations of the congregation.

Inclusion Fund: Supports inclusion programs and initiatives throughout the congregation.

Jeremy Bruder Memorial Scholarship Fund: Provides scholarships for OSRUI and the Youth Israel Trips for young people who would otherwise not be able to participate.

Landscape Fund: Supports maintenance and improvements to the building grounds.

Lifelong Learning Program Fund: Sponsors educational and cultural events.

Louis & Bettye Kaplan Social Action Fund: Money collected goes toward humanitarian aid locally and around the world. 

Music Fund: For major musical purchases and special programs.

Norman Yellin Emergency Aid Fund: This fund provides grants to members of the community in crisis.

Prayer Book Fund: Used to purchase or rebind our Mishkan Tefillah (Shabbat) or Etz Hayim (Bibles).

Rabbi Bob's Discretionary Fund: Spent at the discretion of Rabbi Bob to support worthy projects and help individuals in need.

Rabbi Cosnowsky's Discretionary Fund: Spent at the discretion of Rabbi Cosnowsky to support worthy projects and help individuals in need.

Rabbi Wainer's Discretionary Fund: Spent at the discretion of Rabbi Wainer to support worthy projects and help individuals in need.

Ritual & Religious Fund: For the purchase of ritual items and beautification of the sanctuary.

Robert N. Glass Memorial Library Fund: For the purchase of books and media for the library.

Robert Scott Samuels Scholarship Fund: Provides scholarships to URJ Camps or CFTY Leadership Training.

Ruth Joseph Memorial School Fund: For special programming and equipment for the school.

Sophie & Jack Edwards Scholar-in-Residence Fund: Sponsors the annual Scholar-in-Residence program.

Stu Soreff Office Fund: For furniture and/or office equipment necessary for the function of the office.

Youth Committee Fund: Supports special projects of the youth groups.

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