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Community Support Request

The Congregation Etz Chaim Caring Committee was formed many years ago to assist congregants with any needs that may arise, especially during times of difficulty. Please use this as an initial form of communication to let us know how we may be of service. While this form is just a template, it cannot account for and cover all potential needs and information. Please contact anytime or call the office at 630-627-3912 during business hours to make additional arrangements or address any questions.

Assistance provided by the Caring Committee often includes, but is not limited to:
  • Bringing meals and/or providing gift cards for meals;
  • During the winter months, we have a limited supply of soup from Schmaltz packed and frozen for ill congregants and family members who could use a warm pick-me-up;
  • Giving Rides to/from Congregation Etz Chaim, doctor appointments, etc;
  • Providing assistance with the coordination of Shiva/Memorial service(s). This includes bringing Congregation Etz Chaim Shiva Boxes of supplies to the site of the Shiva, as well as volunteering to attend the Shiva to provide assistance to make coffee, set up/clean up food, and potentially make a minyan (10 Jews for the prayer service).

Please provide as many details as possible including potential dates/times of any related event/service/procedure, and any contacts or coordinators.


During the winter months, we have a limited supply of soup, made and partially underwritten by Schmaltz, packed and frozen for congregants, friends, and family members who could use a dose of Jewish penicillin.

We can attempt to arrange a soup delivery with our committee, and we will let you know the plan for delivery. Please understand that some deliveries may not be possible due to time or distance.

Alternatively, you are welcome to pick up the frozen soup from Congregation Etz Chaim to make the delivery yourself.
We will get the soup care package all set.

Please email or call the office during business hours at 630-627-3912 to schedule your soup pick-up. 
We will endeavor to arrange a delivery to the address we have on file for them.
Wed, April 17 2024 9 Nisan 5784